Why if I select Free-WebsiteDesign.com?
Free-WebsiteDesign.com will design your website for free. You stay in full control and your thoughts will turn out to be a piece of your site. Dissimilar to other website plan administrations, we give individual help with making your website all the way with supportive plan tips along the way. Incorporated into this free fundamental administration is the formation of a landing page, a protection page, a contact page, about us page, a XML Google consistent sitemap and an email account connected with your area name.

Is the website outline benefit truly free?
Yes, essential website outline administration at Free-WebsiteDesign.com is REALLY free! All we ask consequently is that you have your website with us. On the off chance that you are not fulfilled for any reason, you are allowed to exchange your website to another host. The website plan layout is all yours after you have facilitated with us for a year or more.

Is there a setup charge and what is my dedication level
There is no setup charge and in the event that you are not fulfilled by our administrations, you can scratch off anytime.

What sort of premium administration frees WebsiteDesign.com offer?
We can improve your website so your website can be discovered when individuals look for catchphrases identified with your web journal, items or administrations through Website improvement (SEO). On the off chance that/when you are prepared to adapt your website, we can offer you some assistance with increasing focused on activity to your website to enhance your transformation rate. We offer article composing, article promoting and third party referencing administrations. On the off chance that you require your website in a hustle, we do offer express services.

How would I be able to contact Free-WebsiteDesign.com with any concerns?
Contact us at whatever time and an expert at Free-WebsiteDesign.com will react to your inquiries inside of 24 hours.

How would I be able to enlist a space name?
Go to GoDaddy.com or a comparable registrant to get the space name of your decision. When you round out the satisfaction structure, we will gather critical data about the website you need to manufacture. With this data, we will explore and give you a rundown of main 3 accessible spaces which you ought to purchase. Your odds of being discovered online is significantly expanded with the best possible area name which is the reason this is an critical initial step. Please note that YOU possess this area. It is yours and yours to pay and keep.

How would I be able to point my current space name to Free-WebsiteDesign.com?
Basically change your space name servers to ns1.webhostingpad.com and ns2.webhostingpad.com with your registrar.  Contact us if you require help and we will help you with this process.

How much is the hosting fee?
Free-WebsiteDesign.com charges $9.95 every month for hosting your website. On the off chance that you make installment for a year ahead of time, the hosting expense is just $99.95. You get two months free. Click here for a more detail breakdown of our administrations and packages.

What are the installment options?
You can pay utilizing any real charge card or with Paypal.

What is your discount policy?
Because of the way of our administrations (which are digitally conveyed) we can't offer discounts or charge-backs.

Can I cancel?
On the off chance that you are not fulfilled for any reasons, you can scratch off at whatever time yet you may have the capacity to keep the website plan layout in the event that you have as of now facilitated with us for 1 year or more.